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What’s said about your company?

What’s known about your plans, your products? How is the information provided?

What’s the immediate consequences of the above mentioned upon your activities?

saKom supports you in the design, deployment of your public relations strategies and the operational implementation of your actions by skillfully combining traditional media, digital media, social media and field presence. The team maintains close relationships with a network of journalists, bloggers and influencers in Guinea as well as internationally. Public relations at saKom is:

Communication of acceptability

The enhancement of your image capital

Opinion management

Crisis communication

Marketing of products and services

We coordinate all marketing and sales actions so that your organization can target prospects, transform them into customers and build their loyalty.


Concept creation is the basis of any advertising communication, it is the crucial stage where everything begins. At saKom, Guinea's cultural codes are at the heart of concept creation so that messages are received as they should by the target populations.

Media plan

Media plans are designed to give maximum efficiency by taking into account the budget envelope so that each Francs counts and pays, since communication is an investment and not an expense.

Government Relations Management

Legislative and regulatory monitoring

We offer our clients the identification and meeting of the various stakeholders in relation to their objectives through the development of action plans targeting specific contacts allowing them to be heard by competent personalities in their field of activity.

We help our clients to collect the legislative and regulatory information necessary for their project and assist them in their various administrative procedures within the Guinean public administration.

The firm also monitors all relevant information in national and international news to enable rapid communication and action.

Events planning and organization

We systematically analyze our clients' needs and objectives in order to create a first-rate event. Whether it is a seminar, forum, conference, exhibition, symposium, fair or other, we assist our clients in the choice, design and operational execution of the event best suited to their strategic objectives.

SaKom is a communication, marketing and event consulting firm based in Conakry in the Republic of Guinea, which supports companies, NGOs, non-profit organizations and governments in the development of their activities. We advise them in their communication strategies, marketing and events, and take charge of the operational execution of these.

One of the main tasks of the firm is to promote, among the local population, projects that promote economic and social growth, products and services, and to link and facilitate relations between national and international stakeholders. Our approach is supported by a strong network of national and international collaborators and partners.

At saKom, we make it a point of honor to respect, integrate and transmit the cultural codes of Africa.

Our Values

Sustained local communication adapted to the populations, involving members of the communities concerned and taking into account the cultural codes, values and customs of these communities is necessary in order to optimize the transmission of your company's messages and the acceptability of your projects. It is with this in mind that saKom offers the "Communact" service, which aims to strengthen the quality of relations between its clients, in all sectors, and the communities they work with or will work with.

The Communact service :

  • Definition of strategic objectives (promote, inform, educate, raise awareness)
  • Definition of a local communication plan
  • Recruitment, training, deployment and management of community agents in the communities concerned
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the achievement of the defined objectives

Advantages of the Communact service :

  • Improvement of corporate reputation
  • Strengthening the corporate culture
  • Reinforcement of the acceptability of your projects
  • Attraction/retention of the workforce

Our Team

Salematou Sako

Associate director

Amadou Sako

Associate director

Thierno Diallo

Business development director

Sékou Bangoura

Project manager

Diamo KABA

Communication & Events Coordinator

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